Each step we take results in CO2 emission.
We need to be smart & efficient.
Teaming up with Ecording, we’re planting a seed ball for each Bluverd prouduct.

Thinking out of

the box

Ecording is a social enterprise, initiated to increase awareness of ecological balance with

lowering /neutralizing CO2 emission and offers uniquely engineered solutions such as the ecoDrone.

What is


ecoDrone is an industrial drone which is developed;

  • To easily reach areas which hard to reach by walking or driving
  • To drop seedballs on exact planned coordinates with an incredible speed of 250 seedballs per minute!
  • To operate at any altitude, under any weather conditions

Why seedball?

Sprouting possibility of a regular seed is 0,1% in average.

Ecording increased this rate to 62% with commitment on research & development while traditional sapling planting ratio 58% in average.


A seedball consists of 5 materials;


*Seed types chosen according to results of research & development studies. The most efficient seedballs dropped regarding the regional climate conditions, season of planting and elevation of afforestation areas.


Ecording is not only increased sprouting ratio but also employ people near villages of afforestation areas. Locals get a chance to contribute and earn in their free time by helping seed ball preparations.