Quality & Care Instructions



Bluverd offers products that respects the planet. Uses only with premium quality materials and methods that will leave no trace at all at the end of the product’s life cycle. Zero chemical and zero plastic, only leaves behind a happy Bluverd community.


Love your product.
Do not forget it has a soul.

Try to wear more and wash less. Trust us, it is just a habit not always necessary. Fresh air is a good method that helps to freshen the product without a wash

Try to fill your washing machine. Do not overfill, do not let it run empty

Do not wash products over 30oC. Trust us, you do not need to it higher.
Do not forget apprx 90% of energy used to heat the water in each washing cycle.

Always sort your clothes according to their care requirements. Similar colors and similar garments should be treated together.

Do not bleach any of your Bluverd products.

Use environmentally friendly laundry detergents. Regarding the dosage advised on the cleaning product. Excess detergent will not help except wasting resource.

After washing let it dry on hanger. Do not tumble dry. Not only it is shortening life span of the product but also leaving a substantial amount of carbon footprint.

Drying on hanger will help you to iron at cool/medium temperatures. Steam will ease the ironing for cotton products.

Do not dry clean your products. Be sure to treat any stain on the product immediately.